Notice on Preparations for HPA2017 Award Ceremony

Thank you for your close attention to our HPA activities! We have been trying to find a suitable city for the awards ceremony and some organizations that support us. But in recent years, the economy in many parts of China has not been very good, so far we


Results of HPA 2017’s Second-round Judging II have come out

The results of second-round judging II of HPA 2017 have come out with the 66 photo sets to compete for the Grand Awards being decided. The short list of top 66 will enter the final-round judging to be reviewed by the International Jury, who


HPA 2017 awards ceremony is postponed again

HPA 2017 awards ceremony is postponed again.


Notice on holding the HPA 2017 awards ceremony

The 10th HPA award ceremony will be co-hosted by UNESCO and China Folklore Photographic Association and undertaken by Sina-Yunnan. The organization committee includes a director: Mr. Shen Che who is the president of World Folklore Photographers Associatio


Notice for postponement of the award ceremony of HPA 2017

Notice for postponement of HPA 2017: We are sorry to inform you that the award ceremony of Humanity Photo Awards 2017(HPA 2017) you have been expecting for is postponed to November, 2018.


The Awards Ceremony of HPA 2017 Is Postponed

The beginning of August just approached, we have to make this difficult decision-the award ceremony of Humanity Photo Awards 2017 (HPA 2017) will be postponed! The main reason is that it will take longer for us to find the location and financial support t


Results of HPA 2017's Second-round Judging I have come out

After weeks of hard workin reviewing the winning list of top 666 sets of photos in the second-roundjudging I of HPA 2017, 500 sets of photos that will be awarded the PerformanceAwards are now decided.


666 photo sets have been selected to the second-round judging

The first-round judging for the photo entries of HPA 2017 was completed after careful and serious selection based on the contents, shooting techniques and aesthetics. 666 sets of photos are entitled to be in the second-round judging.


HPA 2017 photo submission brings to a successful close

The HPA 2017 photo submission has ended successfully at 12:00 noon, Monday April 17, Beijing Time (Extended Deadline). During the 7 months of photo calls, there are 6387 participants from 133 countries and regions who have registered in our photo contest,


HPA 2017 has postponed its entry deadline to 12:00 noon, April 17 (Beijing Time)

Dear friends, we make the decision to postpone the deadline for HPA 2017's registration and submission to Monday 12:00 noon, April 17 (Beijing Time) in consideration of the time difference, the large amount of works to be submitted and the possible networ

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