Notice for postponement of the award ceremony of HPA 2017

Published date: 2018-08-03    Clicks: 4478

Dear Participants of HPA 2017,

Notice for postponement of HPA 2017: We aresorry to inform you that the award ceremony of Humanity Photo Awards 2017(HPA 2017)you have been expecting for is postponed to November, 2018. Two activities : theaward ceremony of HPA 2017 and the beginning of the HPA 2019's photo submissionwill be hosted together this year. It is difficult for us to complete allpreparations before September, In this case the event is postponed to themiddle of November by the organizer. We will update information before the endof August once the address and date is decided.

In this way, work pressure and financialburden can be eased a lot for the organizer. We hope to get your understanding.We are here to apologize again, and please keep in touch with us at

The China Folklore Photographic Association

August 3rd , 2018

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